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RemNes designs bespoke concepts for corporates looking to explore the creative and cultural sectors. With networks in most major African cities we are able to identify what trends are most relevant to your business and develop these into campaign concepts that speak directly to your audience in a way unique to any other agency offering.


How do culture and creativity factor into your company’s ED and SD programs? RemNes provides insights and recommendations for more effective and people-centered development initiatives.


As transformation accelerates through the growing use of technology, how is your business planning to stay relevant in the next 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years? RemNes through a continental network across Africa can help you answer these questions and prepare your organization for the future.


Bespoke events for the intersection of corporates, governments, the creative & cultural sectors and markets in an effort to future-proof Africa’s economy. We focus on pan-African forums and can structure these to best suit the requirements of your organization.

Want know how culture and creativity can make a difference to your organization? Let us show you how.