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Chances are the device you are reading this on did not exist five years ago and you probably had no idea the functions you regard as normal now could ever be packed into anything of this size in such an elegant fashion. Have you considered what you will be reading this on in twenty years or what work students coming out of university will be going into?

Africa, with the world’s youngest population, is often referred to as having a youth dividend as the developing world gets progressively older. However, have you considered how this dividend will benefit the continent?

With unemployment numbers at all time highs in some countries especially amongst the youth and economies at various stages of stagnation, how does Africa avoid this youth dividend becoming a youth burden?

RemNes exists to answer these questions and help your organization chart a sure course in an uncertain future. We create forums for exploring the linkages between Africa’s creative and cultural sector, corporate entities and governments so that together, we can futureproof Africa’s economy into the fourth industrial revolution.

We believe that as the world hurtles into greater automation and more of the jobs we know now become obsolete, there is one sector that machines and coding cannot easily replace, our creativity and culture. At RemNes we believe this is Africa’s comparative advantage and in the next twenty years will become an increasingly important component of the continent’s sustainability and economic growth.

Through global research we are already developing models that allow your organization to tap into Africa’s greatest natural and renewable resource, her culture and creativity, in ways that you had never imagined.

Talk to us today about how we can help you understand how culture and creativity can make a difference to your organization.

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With a background in economics, Ricky has spent the last twenty two years working in a variety of industries.  These include publishing, digital media, hospitality, fuel retail, FMCG, agriculture, property development and management. Through his work in southern Africa and more recently central Africa, Ricky has gained a unique insight into what drives Africa and what will best help the continent realize a future fruitful for all her children.


Whilst working for Ogojiii, Africa’s first magazine focused on innovation across the continent, Ricky was involved in hosting exhibitions and forums focused on the business of African fashion in Rwanda in May 2016 on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on Africa. Later in 2016 Ricky also worked with TEDxJohannesburg and the Joburg Art Fair to bring to life the first TEDxJohannesburg Salon co-sponsored by Ogojiii and featured some of the continent’s greatest contemporary artists under the theme, Art For Africa.


Now working for RemNes, Ricky’s specialty is developing client specific concepts for forums that stand out and contribute to Africa’s knowledge base around the creative and cultural economies. This was exemplified in our most recent project, Made In Africa, which explored the intersection of Africa’s creative and cultural economy with formal business. This event was held in Durban, South Africa in May 2017, again on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on Africa.




Whilst she began her career in banking, Nomhle made the transition to management consulting and subsequently to Transnet National Ports Authority. She has been responsible for the formulation of transaction-specific supplier development strategies to enable consistent Supplier Development Strategy implementation by Transnet National Ports Authority.


The majority of the work that she has done in last 5 years has been focused on developing supplier and enterprise development strategies within South Africa’s state-owned companies across various industries. i.e. energy, transport, postal and telecommunication.

Nomhle has also been involved in the development of Socio -Economic Development Plans for Independent Power Producers. She has also provided execution support with respect to relevant aspects of Supplier Development, policies and procedures to drive compliance when entering into a Supplier Development transaction.